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‘Kuźnia Zawadzkie’ Sp. z o.o. is a company with long-established tradition of high-quality drop forgings manufacture. The products of ‘Kuźnia Zawadzkie’ Sp. z o.o. are used in principal industry sectors, such as:

  • mining,
  • railway systems,
  • engineering industry.

Highly-qualified technical staff, experience handed over from generation to generation and the tradition of the forging shop in Zawadzkie has enabled ‘Kuźnia Zawadzkie’ Sp. z o.o. to achieve a stable position on the domestic and international market, after a difficult period of transformation within the smelting industry in Poland. Our target objectives include the fulfilment of our clients’ requirements by providing them with superior quality products, attractive pricing, timeliness of deliveries and professional customer service.

Currently, the company conducts its manufacturing activities in two production hall units. The production line is equipped with the following double-acting forging hammers:

  • MPM 31 500 B (10 T),
  • MPM 16 000 B (5 T),
  • MPM 10 000 B (3 T).

„Kuźnia Zawadzkie” Sp. z o. o. possesses:

  • independent design office,
  • forged fittings manufacturing section,
  • modern heat treatment section for drop forgings,
  • access to specialist equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing of forgings.
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Kuźnia Zawadzkie sp. z o.o.
ul. Lubliniecka 6a
47-120 Zawadzkie
Tel. +48 77 461 62 28
Faks +48 77 461 62 28



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